Angella Mackey

Heart Monitor Vest (2009)

In 2009, Ocorant Inc. and Ross + Doell Industrial Design partnered with George Brown College Research and Innovation (Toronto) to continue development of a heart-monitoring device that improves upon existing Canadian FDA-approved heart monitors. By using advanced algorithms that compress electrocardiogram signals, the project involved designing and developing a vest to house the electronics so that patients could wear the vest from the hospital to their home.

The work was early-stage research and development for the garment – concentrating on the interaction design and usability challenges that would be faced by patients and nurses handling the vest. Placing six electrodes in exactly the same place on the chest every day was one of the key user-challenges.

A sampling of the rapid prototypes and illustrations created during my year with the project:


On exhibition

In October 2009, as part of LG Fashion Week 2009, one of the prototypes and several drawings were presented in a show entitled Fashion Forward: Toronto (ad)dresses the futures curated by Charles Reeve. The exhibition presented clothing for special needs, wearable tech and sustainability.