Angella Mackey

Neighbourhoodie (2009)

Neighbourhoodie was a prototype of an active garment-based game system for which new experiences could be developed. The hoodie contained a basic sensor and actuator infrastructure (such as speakers in the hood, proximity detection to other hoodies, gesture detection) that would form the support for the gaming experiences.

Conceived of by Rose Bianchini, Kathleen Climie and David McCallum as part of a design research project at the Canadian Film Centre (Interactive Art and Entertainment Program), my work involved designing a hoodie sample that seamlessly integrated the electronics and branding.

 The horizontal lines at the front and back contain full-colour lights, while a tag patch – allowing players to tag each other – is at the centre-back.

See the team’s playful concept video here: Neighbourhoodiespacer2

Project HoodiePlay

Neighbourhoodie led to a spin-off workshop series called Project HoodiePlay in September 2010. Under the theme “Build Your Own World”, the CFC Media Lab led workshops where participants made their Hoodie “zombie-tag” ready for a widespread, participatory game. Working with Kate Hartman and David McCallum to design the workshop for the 2010 01SJ Biennial (ZER01, San Jose), here are some of the results:

spacer2Documentation from the workshop: