Angella Mackey

Office Dress (2010)

Office Dress is an artistic exploration of the energy used, and not used, during an inactive work day spent clicking in front of a computer screen. The work incorporates photonics fibres – a new, light-emitting material – into a wearable artwork, and is a contribution to the collection of interactive electronic garments for Karma Chameleon at XSLabs.

Leads: Joanna Berzowska, Maksim Skorobogatiyspacer2

Project Description

Office Dress harnesses the kinetic energy and body tension from office work and releases it in the form of light when the work day is over.

The lower back of the dress is augmented with a padded cushion. While at work, the cushion is flipped up to support the lumbar region. The repetitive movements of office work build up energy during the day. When the office worker can no longer bear the tension, she gets up from her chair and flips the padded cushion down to accentuate the traditional tailored silhouette of the dress. The action releases the stored energy, resulting in a burst of light that travels through the front neckline of the dress.


The Digital Print

The dress is designed with a digital print, taken from close-up photos of an LCD monitor, what the wearer would be sitting in front of during the work day. When viewed up close, the white screen produced a beautiful distortion, giving the dress a rainbow palette.


The Process

(inspiration, experimentation & construction)