Angella Mackey

Spacewear (2014)

We have finally reached a time where our dreams of the aesthetics of commercial space travel can become reality. Swedish adventurer Renata Chlumska has a ticket to space and needs something to wear. 

“I want it to look and feel weightless, to tell a different story than other clothes.” – Renata Chlumska

She will be the first Swedish woman to travel to space. While she waits for the date of her flight to be confirmed by Virgin Galactic airlines, she has been preparing with flight training, aviation theory and g-force simulation training.

But what does one wear to space? She imagined she needed something special – not just the traditional, masculine one-piece flight suit. The suit must also adhere to safety requirements and be suitable for a range of activities.

With the excitement and freedom that the dawn of commercial space travel allows, here is what was created in partnership with Smart Textiles (Sweden) and Spacesport Sweden.


What is special about these suits?

At first glance, it might not be so obvious that these garments are for space. This is deliberate, as we tried to blend the functionality seamlessly with the garment style. Each design feature has been specially considered so that it either filled a special function or expressed the values of the Spacesport Sweden brand. Here is a breakdown of these elements:



More about the Modular Neoprene

Because we were designing for commercial space travel – a wild adventure for those who can afford it – this freed us to think about how the garments could enhance the experience. We thought about customizable pieces for travellers that could be quickly and easily made to measure. For example, what if you don’t want to wear your pocket on your leg? You could wear it on your upper arm or wrist instead. What if you wanted to take pictures of the flight but aren’t allowed to bring your camera? We could provide a tiny wearable camera in the form of a necklace – all encased in the laser-cut neoprene. There are so many possibilities within this concept. Here are a few examples of what we imagined to portray this concept. Blue lights are used in these samples to display the concept of housing electronics of various sorts in the neoprene.



Read more about the design process of this suit here: Work Process