Angella Mackey

Vega Edge (2014)

The Vega Edge is a wearable light designed to attach to and blend in with the wearer’s clothes. Initially meant for added safety while cycling, walking or running – it’s also a way to experiment with wearing light for fashion.

Inside the leather casing is a custom-made, multi-mode, LED circuit board, and it secures to most fabrics with neodymium magnets. The lights shine through a thin strip of retro-reflective fabric – adding a second layer of visibility even when it’s off. It can be worn discreetly by day or brightly at night on a coat, cardigan, hood, scarf, handbag, collar, pocket or belt.

spacer2An accessory under the Vega Wearable Light brand, the Vega Edge was designed and created in collaboration with the  Social Body Lab in Toronto over a two year period. In March 2014, our successful Kickstarter campaign raised nearly $34,000 to produce the first batch for almost 400 backers.