Vega Wearable Light (2010-2015)


Vega Wearable Light is a line of illuminated outerwear that was based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The brand's goal was to provide stylish ways of wearing light for safety while cycling.

All garments and lights were made simple so that wearing light would not be different from everyday dress. The lights were easily removable, and with open-source code for those who wished to program their own light patterns. 

All coats retained the integrity of a concept I call 'off-value' – Do they work as garments even when the lights are turned off? The added electronics came second to their value as pieces of classically designed outerwear crafted from high-quality wool, cotton, and leather materials. In this way they were never at risk of becoming obsolete.

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Rainbow Light Coat, 2014

Boyfriend Coat, 2014

Demo of the illuminated Rainbow Light coat from Vega Wearable Light (2010-2015)

Vega Edge (leather clip-on light), 2014

Bomber Jacket, 2014

Vega Jaunt, 2012

Vega Jaunt, 2012

Demo of the illuminated Bomber jacket from Vega Wearable Light (2010-2015)

Vega Shawl, 2012

Men's Winter Coat, 2014

Vega One, 2011

Vega One, 2011